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Apple Mac Data Recovery.

If you have your valuable work such as graphic files or audio tracks do not assume that you have lost them forever, in 9 out of 10 cases we were able to recover data from inaccessible Apple–Mac disks.

Data Recovery Direct can recover data from all types of Apple Mac devices and external drives, if you have a problem accessing or mounting your internal/external drive try to give us a call.
With our years of experience we can get your lost data back to you at minimal cost.

Before you make a quick decision whether to start the work you lost, give us a call and ask about our FREE 24hrs diagnoses report.

We recommend that you switch-off your device immediately when having one of these problems:

  • Hearing a noise coming from the drive.
  • Volume cannot be mounted (initialize or reject).
  • Bad file/master block
  • Not HFS volume
  • Segment Loader Error
  • Disk error occurred

For G-RAID, startech and other Apple Mac RAID disks recovery please visit one of the following pages: