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How to register your job with us?

This page will guide you through the data recovery process from receiving the quote until you get your recovered data back. If this page does not answer any questions that you may have please contact Data Recovery Direct on 0330 223 1838 or send your query through this link: Submit A Question

How to prepare your drive for data recovery

Select the Appropriate Service
As you can see on the quotation you have received, there are 2 types of services (Priority and Standard), each one of them reflects on the cost and the time scale. We try to keep the recovery cost as low as possible while maintaining high standards and advanced technologies of data recovery services. If you think that you do need your data to be recovered but the time scale is not that critical then we recommend you choose the Standard/Economy Service. If time-scale is not that important but you need to know urgently if we can recover your data or not, then you can still choose the Standard service and apply for Priority Diagnoses (The emergency Diagnostic costs between £49.99 for a single hard disk drive and £99.99 for Servers). To apply for Emergency diagnostic, please call us.
Note: The completion time on economy service is an estimate and not guaranteed.

Book the job online
To book the job and get your media sent for Data Recovery, Click on (Proceed With this Service) link from the email you have received. This will take you to the registration page where you can:
  • Register your contact details.
  • Arrange for Collection Service (Optional).
  • Fill-in the Application form
Pack it and Ship it
Having your media has already some damage, the last you would need to do is to cause more damage to it while shipping it to us! Ensure to protect your media from accidental drops during delivery. For more information on packing and shipping visit this page.

Online Job Tracking
Our online tracking system allows you to monitor the data recovery progress 24/7. also you can submit any questions you have or request more updates from the client area.
When the job is done, you can:
- Download file/folder listing report (A list of all recovered files).
- Make payment online.
- Book more jobs if needed.